Disk Thinner is a multi-featured disk cleaning tool designed to free up more disk space by deleting unnecessary junk and evidence files, uninstalling unneeded programs and removing appointed files. The functions of Disk Thinner, Software Uninstaller, Junk Cleaner and File Cleaner are included.

"There are too many useless files that come with my Windows system. I never used them yet they occupy too much hard disk space. Disk Thinner helps me delete them and save a lot of space!"


-Wayne Smith, United States

"I often update the programs on my Windows system, because i want to keep them up-to-date. However this brings one problem for me, that is too many leftovers like used update and patch files have been left on my computer. Luckily i have Disk Thinner. it clears them totally. Wonderful!"

- Shinano Nobuyoshi, Japan

" I never thought that the help files can take up so much hard disk space. Yes, each one of them is no bigger than 300KB, but what about 100 of them…. Luckily I have Disk Thinner, which can easily help me get rid of them. With one button, they all disappear. Thanks!"


-Robert Schmitt, Germany

Disk Thinner - Free Up More Disk Space

Disk Thinner

When we purchase a new PC, a lot of unwanted files like sample wallpapers, music, pictures and handbooks would come along with it. When we finish updating the programs, various large-size yet useless update components and patches would be left behind.


Do not overlook these files, for they usually occupy much disk space. Take the system update patches for example, sometimes the size of one file can be as large as 20M.


With Disk Thinner, you can easily delete those "sample" files and instantly free up more hard disk space. In seconds, your hard disk will will get rid of all the “fat”, and become “slim”.

Features and Functions

  • Delete sample wallpapers
  • Delete sample music
  • Delete sample pictures
  • Delete handbooks and help files
  • Delete useless update patches