Disk Thinner is a multi-featured disk cleaning tool designed to free up more disk space by deleting unnecessary junk and evidence files, uninstalling unneeded programs and removing appointed files. The functions of Disk Thinner, Software Uninstaller, Junk Cleaner and File Cleaner are included.

"I never know my computer can run like new, because it is really a 5-year-old stuff. I am using Disk Thinner, it frees up more disk space that my computer can quickly start up and the run speed is quicker than before, wonderful!"


-Alcott, illinois

"I don't know what caused the slow speed of my PC and "cannot delete file" error before, and it is Disk Thinner that helps me delete junk files and improves my PC speed."

- Andy Stewart, Canada

"There are always some programs that can not be totally uninstalled and they always leave some remnants that are left over after an uninstallation on my computer. Thanks to Disk Thinner. It clears them all!"


- Kelly Mills, US

The 2018 Edition of Disk Thinner is Here


Let Disk Thinner Scan, Clean and Optimize Your Hard Disk


Disk Thinner is a professional disk thinner utility designed to keep your disk clean and nice by deleting unnecessary files. Usually, these unnecessary or junk files appear as the results of program incomplete uninstallations or temporary internet Files. Disk Thinner, with its intuitive and easy to use interface, helps you quickly wipe out all junk files and quickly free up your hard disk more space and greatly increase the system speed.



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To download Disk Thinner, click the download button above. When you see the dialog box (like the one in the image below) click on the "Run" button.



Then simply follow the prompts provided to complete the download and installation of Disk Thinner on your PC.