Disk Thinner is a multi-featured disk cleaning tool designed to free up more disk space by deleting unnecessary junk and evidence files, uninstalling unneeded programs and removing appointed files. The functions of Disk Thinner, Software Uninstaller, Junk Cleaner and File Cleaner are included.

"I do not hope others know what I have done with my computer, while sometimes I have to share my computer with my colleagues for the job issues. I find the Junk Cleaner function of Disk Thinner very useful. It clears all the traces for me.Tidy and secret!"


-Ken Dell, United States

"I don't know what caused the slow speed of my PC and "cannot delete file" error before, and it is the Junk Cleaner function of Disk Thinner that helps me delete junk files and speeds up my PC."

- Andy Stewart, Canada

"My computer is 4 years old. Recently I find it become slower and slower. It is cache. Too many caches have been stored on my computer. I try Junk Cleaner, absolutelty useful! I do not have to change my computer for a new one!"


-Mauricio, Spain

Junk Cleaner - Remove All Evidence, History and Junk Files

Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner comes with two functions: evidence cleaner and junk file cleaner. With Junk Cleaner, you can quickly and easily clear the history, temporary files (caches) and junk files (which stored in the system temporary folders, the cookies folders and the recycle bin) from your hard disk.

Though temporary files or caches can quicken the process of reloading a web page, too many caches are disasters — they will take up much space and thus greatly slow down the entire browsing .


Junk Cleaner safeguards your computer privacy by erasing all traces of your online and computer activities and retrieves much valuable hard drive space by cleaning out unused temporary records.

Features and Functions

  • Erase online history
  • Delete computer activities
  • Remove caches regularly
  • Clean over 50 different types of junk files
  • Remove invalid start menu, shortcuts, files and folders
  • Clears empty, obsolete and temporary files
  • Clean any application leftover